UV Ink is scratch tested and rub-proof. The strength of our ink increases the longer it is in UV light. The strong shield of the UV Ink prevents fading for the length of a cylinder cycle (typically 5 years). All of our rolls and batches of labels are quality control tested prior to shipping to assure they are of the standard you’d expect upon receiving.

Scratch and Rub-Proof

Strength of Ink Increases the longer it is exposed to UV light

Fade resistant

Lasts up to 5 years

Each roll or batch is tested before shipping


Our capabilities  for custom labels and shapes are only as limited as your creativity. Create any shape label you would like without an additional plate charge and get them fast. 

Custom Shapes

No additional plate charge

Fast Turn Around Time


Why bother  purchasing  a label if it doesn’t stick? We have  performed comparison  analysis, in order to make sure we are  providing you with the best adhesive available. Our labels are weather resistant and long lasting. 

Researched as the best adhesive available

Quality control tested before sending

Weather resistant , long lasting

Bringing your Marketing efforts to the Next Level/creating the labels you want:

You have free access to our creative-design department  to help to design your labels and signage.  Our design team can  coordinate an entire branding package for your company to help you  best market your company to your customers. Custom logos, graphics, signs and decals are just a few of the marketing materials we can create for your company. Feel free to contact us for a free mock up and start a high profile  branding  effort,  to maximize  your visibility to your customers

Free access to our creative-design team

Branding Packages can be designed and created for you  at no charge. 
We work with you to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck when marketing to your customers